Sequatchie County Census Head Of Household

Head Of Household -1860

Transcribed From the 1860, Sequatchie County Census

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I have done my best to record the names of the individuals that were written as they appeared in the 1860 Census but mistakes can be made. These are only the “Head of Households” and I have put them in alphabetical order, in each district, to make it easier to find your surnames. Transcribed and written by Glenda Schroeder.

District 1

Austin, Elijah

Beevert, Asberry

Billingsly, James

Brimer, William

Clemmons, John

Clune, John M.

Countis (?), Asa

Ewton, C-?, P.

Ewton, James

Foster, James

Foster, John

Fredricks, William

Gass, Joseph

Griffin, Howard

Haney, Hezekiah

Heard, Byram

Heard, John

Heard, John A.

Higgenbottom, William

Hixson, Joseph

Hoots, Philip

Hughs, J. F.

Hughs, John

Houston, William

Johnson, Benj.

Johnson, John O.

King, Alfred

King, Thomas

Minton, John

Minton, Joseph

Minton, Thomas

Potter, Isaac

Potter, Nancy

Ramsy (?), Walter R.

Rankin, Burnard

Roberson, Samuel

Smith, Aaron

Smith, M. G.

Swanner, Wesley

Taylor, Henry

Thurman, A. R.

Walker, West

Welch, Ephriam

Welch, Isaac

Welch, John

Wheeler, Joel

Williams, David M.

Williams, John

District 2

Cagle, Barbary

Glothim (?), Elias M.

Hatfield, Margaret

Henry, James

King, Stokes

King, William

Knight, Dolphin

Lockhart, V. M.

Lockhart, James

Lockhart, Margaret

Reason (?), James K.

Ricket, John

Riso, E. H.

Savage, Jesse

Smith, John B.

Tate, James

District 3

A--?--, James

Barker, Houston

Barker, Rutha

Basham, John

Brown, Samuel

Brown, William

Cannon, B. B.

Chavis (?), Starlise (?)

Davis, Joseph

Easterly, Moses

Founders, Samuel

Gann, Joiner

Hatfield, L. M.

Hatfield, Cornett

Hatfield, Eli

Hatfield, Jonathan

Hatfield, William

Henson, W. R.

Huff, Isaac

James, Josiah

James, Richard

Johnson, F. J.

Johnson, Hiram

Johnson, Malcom

Jones, James

Jones, John

Jones, Marion

Julissen (?), William

Kell, Emily

Kirklin, Louisa

Lamb, Jo A.

Lee, Gilford

Lewis, Charles L.

Narramore, M. B.

Narramore, Frederick

Nipper (?), Matthew

Penix, Lee

Rogers, Fanny

Rogers, James

Rogers, John H.

Rogers, Josiah

Skyles, John

Stewart, Gasy (?)

Stewart, James M.

Stewart, William

Stewart, William D.

Swanner, M. P.

Tate, A. J.

Thurman, S. D.

Turner, Joseph

District 4

Alley, John

Austin, Joseph

Bell, F. J.

Bias (?), Walda (?)

Brown, J. R.

Cain, Charlotta

Cain, Geo. W.

Cain, Washington

Carlson (?), Nathan

Chaimbers, R. F.

Clemmons, James

Clemmons, Mary

Clemmons, William

Cope, James

Deakins, Franklin

Deakins, Madison

Deakins, Margaret

Elliott, Polly

Elliott, William B.

Ewton, A. B.

Gann, Rebecca

Harmon, William B.

Hatfield, A. M.

Hatfield, J. H.

Hatfield, Granville

Hatfield, James W.

Heard, John M.

Heard, William

Hickey (?), John C.

Hickey, John C.

Ingam (?), William

Johnson, Isaac

Johnson, Pleasant

Johnson, William

Killgore, Abraham

Larramore, J. H.

Larramore, Nancy

Lockhart, Alex

Mansfield, Alexander

Mansfield, Harmon

Mansfield, James

Martin, Ives

Martin, Samuel

McDonough, F.

Phelps, Albert

Phelps, M. M.

Phelps, Robert

Phelps, William

Rankin, William

Smith, S. T.

Smith, Heard (?)

Smith, James W.

Stone, S. C.

Tate, Joseph

Thompson (?), William

Walker, George

Walker, Geo. W.

Williams, Isaac

District 5

Abston, Joseph

Acre, J. L.

Anderson, J. M.

Baily, B. J.

Baily, Laneson

Baily, Thomas (1)

Baily, Thomas (2)

Barnett, N. A. (1)

Barnett, N. A. (2)

Bennett, B. L.

Bennett, John

Brown, Peter

Bryson, S. J. R.

Burtton, J. L.

Burtton, Louis

Burtton, Thomas

Cagle, Littleton

Coggins, William

Davis, Anderson

Dill, Preston

Easterly, Joseph

Easterly, Joshua

Farmer, John

Fredericks, Joshua

Gass, John

Gott, Clabsmen

Gott, Jane

Goulson, Joseph

Goulson, Thomas

Grayson, Henry

Haney (?), Caroline

Hatfield, Gilbert

Henry, Merriam C.

Hixson, Rhuban

Hoodenpyle, T. J.

Hoodenpyle, John W.

Lockhart, John C.

Mayberrry, James

Mazy, John

Nash, John

Pickett, John

Wimberly, Linsfield

Winder, John

District 6

Alls, Benj.

Barnes, Charles

Boyd, Matilda

Burnett, William

Clark, Delila

Condra, James

Condra, William C.

Cox, Sanford

Davis, Fountain

Davis, William

Deakins, James

Deakins, William R.

Ellis, Manzer

Farmer, Andrew

Farmer, James S.

Frizzell, John

Gothis (?), Mariah

Graham, Anna

Graham, Henry

Graham, Samuel

Griffith, John H.

Hackworth, Austin

Hatfield, Josiah

Heard, G. W.

Hendrix, Henry

Hendrix, Mary

Henry, John

Hicks, Isaac

Hicks, Thompson

Hoodenpyle, Robert

Hudson, Mary M.

Kell, Nimrod

Kell, Robert

Lofty, Shadrick

Lofty, William

Martin, William

Morrison, J. M.

Morrison, James

Pankey, Thomas

Pickett, Edward

Pickett, Jesse

Sanders, Albert

Smith, Anderson

Smith, Eliza

Stone, John L.

Stone, Mary

Thurman, Ephriam

White, Isaac

District 7

Ables, Elizabeth

Ables, Joseph

Adams, Aaron

Bowman, Daniel

Brimer, Aaron

Brock, Simpson

Brown, George

Burg, S. J.

Burkley, George

Coleman, Washington

Davis, Thomas

Dowlin, Harris

Fredericks, John

Gipson, John

Grant, Persy W.

Gray, Allen

Griffith, Matthew

Harvey, Jason

Henson, John

Hixson, William

Hoge, James L.

Hoge, Joseph

Kell, John

Lewis, Jacob

Mahan, Rebecca

McCleror, Mary

Millsaps, Joseph

Newberry, Aaron

Newby, Edwin

Peacock, Henry

Pickett, John

Reynolds, Herman

Richey, Nancy E.

Seaden, Gustavus

Sims, Thaduous

Sims, Thomas

Stafford, Elvira

Tally, Willis H.

Vandergriff, Mikel

Varner, David

Walker, Alen

Winchester, Joseph

District 8

Barnes, James

Cagle, Littleton

Christian, Andrew

Clark, I. N.

Heard, Roger

King, Andrew O.

King, John

King, Thomas

Libby, Allias

McCroser, Anne

McCroser, Elias

McGlothin, William

Moffett, Charles

Owings, E. S.

Perry, Benj.

Perry, Jack

Rogers, Catherine

Rogers, Roderick

Russell, Henry

Russell, John

Seals, James

Watson, Henry

Whitlow, John M.

All information is provided by individual researchers and is accurate to the best of their knowledge. Always check the original source material to develop your own conclusions.

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