Old Farm House

Old Farmhouse possibly built in 1865, now owned by the Giles family and leased by the Old Farmhouse Hunting Preserve.

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This Photo reprinted Courtesy of Old Farmhouse Hunting Preserve – Mr. Neville Hillis

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Gen. William Stone's property extended from the Stone Cave # 1, where he and wife Mary and their baby daughter, Teresa Stone Pankey (buried in the Stone Cemetery), spent the first winter in the Sequatchie Valley in 1812 in the Stone Cave. This winter was spent in the cave until he could build the home place which is right across the road from the Stone Cave, where storage units now stand. This is very close to this old house. Gen William Stone passed away in 1853 but the will wasn't settled until much later. His land extended all the way from the Stone Cave on West Valley Road, to where the Stone Spring is today, on Stone Cave Road, including the property that is now the Stone Cave School. Below is a copy of the land devision to his children and is a big possiblity that it included the land with this old house on it, as it is so close to the Stone Cave, Slave's Cabin, and Stone Cemetery.

Map reprinted Courtesy of Mr. D. Rogers

Photo reprinted Courtesy of Mr. D. Rogers

Photo by Glenda Schroeder March 6, 2010

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