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1860 Garments by Glenda - Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian, Garments and Costumes, Custom Made Just for You!

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Each garment is custom made to your specifications and pricing depends on trims, styles, and make.

19th Century and Civil War Accessories including Goodey's and Peterson Crochet
Hairnets, Purses and More

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Designer Garments



Men and Boys


Gown designed from looking at Scott Dunlap's Art Work Below.

Gold Ball Gown: By Glenda Schroeder, Kay Jennings and Scott Dunlap. Gown Design and Construction by Glenda Schroeder for the:


Belle's Gown, Beast's Coat, sash and shirt ruffles by Glenda Schroeder

Additional Information and a Close-up for Dressing Beauty:

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Undergarments made by Glenda Schroeder, Worn under the Gold Ball Gown

'South Pacific' at the Signal Mtn. Playhouse - Directed by - Ted Strickland
Choreography by - Jessica Laliberte Bowman Vocal Music - Nanci Crewe
Orchestra - Sandy Morris

Costumes – Phyllis Thomas, Glenda Schroeder, Shandra Burnett, Anne Roza, Bob Roza.

Left: South Pacific Rehearsal – Not Everyone are in Costume.

To go to their Web-Site, Click Here: Signal Mountain Play House.

Left: Ensign Nellie Forbush (Shandra Burnett) – Dinner Party Scene: Pink Evening Gown, Pattern, Design and Construction by Glenda Schroeder. Made of Pink Bridal Satin, boned and fully lined bodice, Side zipper closing, netting underslip in/on skirt lining and large bow in back.

Ensign Nellie Forbush (Shandra Burnett) - Thanksgiving Follies Scene: Oversized Sailor Suit, Design, pattern and construction by Glenda Schroeder

Left: Blue Navy Pants, construction by Glenda Schroeder – Base Pattern was a 1968 Simplicity Pattern for mens pants. Pockets added from a pattern taken from an authentic pair of Navy Jeans.

Various 1940's Haltertops: Designed and Constructed by Glenda Schroeder, for the ladies.

Nurse – Beth Crabbe, Dress by Glenda Schroeder

Shorts & Nickers Constructed by Glenda Schroeder, using an Authentic 1940's Simplicity Patern.

March 17 – April 3, 2005

The Children Of Eden


Costume Design: Kay Jennings

Costume Construction: Patty Gross, Chris Kurz, Peggy Moore, Glenda Schroeder, Phyllis Thomas

(pictured below are the costumes done by Glenda Schroeder)

Her costume byPhyllis Thomas, His Costume by Glenda Schroeder.

Signal Mountain Play House

Lend Me A Tenor – A Comedy by Ken Ludwig

Costumes: Phyllis Thomas, Kay Jennings, Anna Roza, Glenda Schroeder, Jeanette Landis

Costume Design: Phillis Thomas Costume Construction: Glenda Schroeder

Costume Design: Phillis Thomas Costume Construction: Glenda Schroeder

To go to their Web-Site, Click Here: Signal Mountain Play House.

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