Absalom Kalb Bible Family Records

Found (purchased) an old 1857 New Testament Bible in Henagar, Alabama today (1/15/2011). This old Bible belonged to a Mr. A. J. Kalb. Along with this Bible are some of the original family records.

Absalom Kalb, born March 23, 1787, (Possibly Quincy, IL, but doesn’t’t give a place) died January 7, 1865. His wife was Susannah Larkin, married May 25, 1809, she died April 15, 1873. Susannah Larkin was born November 12, 1789. It also lists children.

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Absalom Kalb Bible Records

I am a seamstress, specializing in Civil War Reproductions for Re-enactors, Museums, and the Film Industry.

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I have done my best in transcribing these Kalb Family Records, it is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but mistakes can be made.

Absalom and Susannah Kalb were neighbors and friends of Abraham Lincoln.

Absalom and Susannah, along with all of their children and grandchildren came to Springfield in a wagon train from Loudoun County, Virginia in 1849.

March 8, 1865 State Journal-Register Springfield, IL
On the 8th, Absalom Kalb. Friends are invited to meet at the late residence of the deceased at No# 87 South Seventh Street, at 10 o’clock a.m. this day, and proceed from thence to the German Methodist M Church, where a sermon will be preached on the occasion.

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Kalb Family Birth Records


Absalom Kalb, father of A. J. Kalb was born Mar. 23, 1787

Susannah Kalb, wife of Absalom Kalb and mother of A. J. Kalb was born Nov. 12, 1789

Absalom John Kalb was born Sept. 19, 1817 Is baptized by John Bear July 3, 1818

Georgeanna Kalb, wife of A. J. Kalb was born Oct. 14, 1834

Children born unto A. J. & G. Kalb

1. J. W. Kalb was born Aug. 16, 1852.

2. Sylvester Summerfield Kalb was born Aug. 19, 1854 at one O’clock A.M. and baptized by Harden Walls on Sept. 4, 1854.

3. Ella Belle Kalb was born Dec. 20, 1856 at 3 O’clock P.M., baptized by V. Ridgeley(?) June 26, 1859.

4. William Fisk Kalb was born Dec. 18, 1859 at 2-½ O’clock A.M. and baptized by Rev. John Wolther July 13th , 1860.

5. Charles Simpson Kalb was born April 24, 18-? P.M. and baptized March 3, 1869 by Rev. Loren H. Gordon

Kalb Genealogy
Records Bleeding from other side.

Marriage Records for the Kalb Family
Marriage Records for the Kalb Family


1. Absalom Kalb & Susannah Larkin were married, May 25, 1809.

2. Absalom J. Kalb & Georgeanna Nevious were married, Sept. 8, 1851.

3. Sylvester S. Kalb & Mary J. Kirnes were married at Mrs. E. R. Gull’s ---?----, Hancock Co., Ill. Wednesday, at 11:30 O’clock, A. M. Feb. 23rd, 18-1, by the Rev. O. D. Covert.

4. William F. Kalb and Carrie McKeeby were married May 9th, 1888.

5. Charles S. Kalb and Anna Lutenberg were married Sept. 10th, 1895.

Cover of the 1857 A. J. Kalb Bible
Cover of the 1857 A. J. Kalb Bible

Absalom Kalb Deaths
Deaths Page 1

Deaths Page 1

1. John Wesley Kalb, son of A. J. & G. Kalb, died Aug. 21, 1852

2. Absalom Kalb, father of A. J. Kalb, died in Springfield, Sangamon Co., Ill. Saturday P. M. 45 minutes after seven O’clock, January 7th, 1865, aged 77 yrs. 9 mos. 15 days. His end was peaceful. His disease, congestion of the lungs. He suffered much, & for 7 weeks prior to his death he required constant attention.

On the first Monday after his death his remains were conveyed to the German M. E. Church in Springfield, Ill. Where an appropriate sermon was preached by L. Smith of the Ill. -?- from Phil. 1 & 21, and then his body was deposited in Hutchinson’s Cemetery in a lot that he had purchased. ? On the twentyth (sp?) of Nov. 1872 Removed to Oak Ridge Cemetery.

3. Susannah Kalb, consort of A. Kalb, deceased, died at her son’s A. J. Kalb, in Quincy, Ill. Apr. 15, 1873 at 2-½ O’clock, P. M. Aged 83 yrs. 5 mos. & 3 days. For 6-½ mos. She suffered extremely, her disease was in her stomach but it is not known what it was. She did at anytime seem to doubt her acceptance with God, and she gave evidence of communicating with angels. She closed her eyes and mouth herself and then breathed but twice afterward. Religious services were held at the house of her death, by W. Hooper and L. H. Gordon, and then her remains taken to Springfield, Ill. And services held in the 1st M. E. Church by Wm. Rutledge, after which she was interred in the Oak Ridge Cemetery by the side of her beloved husband.

Deaths Page 2

Deaths Page 2

4. Sylvester Summerfield Kalb, son of A. J. and G. A. Kalb, died at his home in Quincy, Illinois, in peace, at about 8 O’clock A. M. December 23rd, 1881, aged 27 yrs., 4 months, & 4 days. The funeral took place from the Trinity M. E. Church, where an appropriate discourse was delivered by Rev. J. Shaw, from Hosea, 13:14; after which the remains were viewed by the large audience, many of whom followed them to Woodland Cemetery where they were deposited there to rest until God shall call them forth. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. His remains removed to Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Ill. March 1902.

5. Dr. Absalom John Kalb, Died in Quincy, Ill. Dec. 16th, 1900. Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Ill.

6. Charles Simpson Kalb Died at his home in Quincy, Ill. Dec. 23rd. 1908. And was buried in Greenmont Cemetery in Quincy, Ill. Dec. 26th, 1908.

7. Mrs. Georgeanna Kalb Died in Quincy, Ill. Aug. 5th, 1914. Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Ill. Aug. 7th, 1914.


A. J. Kalb, December 20, 1858
A. J. Kalb, December 20, 1858

I am a seamstress, specializing in Civil War Reproductions for Re-enactors, Museums, and the Film Industry.

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New York: American Bible Society, 1857
New York: American Bible Society, 1857

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