1972 SS/RS Camaro
My 1972 SS/RS Camaro ... February 2012

My 1972 Camaro Z27– SS/RS

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Yes folks... It is a REAL SS/RS-Z/27, Split Bumper and is not made up to just look like one. It has the correct numbering .

This Camaro has been in the family since 1982, appraised, documented as a true SS/RS - Z27, and inspected by Harold Coker of Coker Tire in 1990.

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Z/27 Body Numbers

VIN# 1Q87K2N - - - - - - (K = SS)

My 1972 SS/RS Camaro ... September 2010, Signal Mtn., TN

1972 Camaro SS/RS
North Georgia Cruise In & Swap Meet November 20 , 2010. Red Roush Mustang at the left of my car, belongs to a friend of ours.

Holding the wreath I won as a door prize at the cruise-in. Cruise-in in Historic Downtown Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Lafayette Road. Greater North Georgia Cruise In & Swap Meet November 20: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

1967 Camaro Z28
North Georgia Cruise In & Swap Meet November 20 , 201

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Mile Straight Car Show October 10, 2009

Top 50 Cars 1900 – 1979

Mile Straight Car Show October 10, 2009


1830 mourning dress, veil, and hat.


Year One ran all the block numbering on this engine and the finding was that the engine is not the factory original but the block casting does match this year of car. This Camaro originally came with a 350 CID, 2 Bolt Main, Quad. Jet 4B Carb. and Factory Air. Original Factory Decals on the Fan Guard. It is the same old style 350 motor that was in it when the car was purchased in 1982.

Engine/Motor – 350 CID, 2 Bolt Main, Quad. Jet 4B Carb. Motor rebuilt May 1985, bored .020, crank turned 10 over, replaced cam, lifters, rings, barrings, pistons, double timing chain and gears, rebuilt carb. & starter, valves ground and heads redone. New small parts.

April-June of 2010: Cam & Lifters replaced, heads rebuilt, and new valves.

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Simplicity #3855 - 1860's Pagoda Sleeve

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Original Dash, Radio, Console and Shifter

Original SS Steering Wheel and Gages








1972 SS/RS Camaro

Photo taken August 26, 2009

My Camaro is the Green one on the right. The young man in the red Camaro ... we asked him to sit still for the picture because of the newer body style. Papa Johns was giving free pizza to all that drove in with a Camaro in celebration of finding his first Camaro.



Thanks Papa Johns for the free Pizza!

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