1830 -1860s Homestead or Pioneer Dresses

Ladies 0711-Homestead Dress: Expecting, Camp and Work

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Since the gown will only fit well if I have precise information to work from, please be 100% sure that you are giving me accurate measurements. Thank you

1860s Homestead or Pioneer Dresses
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Please state if you wish to have a “No Waistband” non-expecting or expecting - this dress is cut Differently for the expecting.

Since the garment(s)will only fit well if I have precise information to work from, please be 100% sure that you are giving me accurate measurements for each article of clothing you are ordering. Thank you. Click Here For Measurements needed.

Or you are welcome to send a check made out to Glenda Schroeder, if mailing a check, when your payment (check or money order) arrives, you will be notified via e-mail, for you to keep for your records. I will send an order form with ordering and payment info, in an e-mail. Please be sure to give a "Needed By" date.

1830 -1860s Homestead or Pioneer Dresses

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You are welcome to purchase your own fabrics and have them shipped to me or I can purchase them for you. If you would like to do your own purchasing of fabric and/or supplies I will then give you a fabric credit or credits for all supplies you have purchased for your gown. If you use a supply list given, I only charge for supplies that you do not purchase, labor and shipping remain the same.

DISCLAIMER - Each and every garment is individually created at the time of your order and thus I am unable to make “Identical” costumes. I will do my best to create a replica of the original outfit, created from the original pattern, but because of the individuality of each order, garment, and size, there are no two garments made alike.

Over a 4-boned hoop, without waistband.

1830's – 1860's Pioneer Dress

This is a homestead or pioneer dress dated in the mid 1800s. Worn with an apron, the dress becomes a comfortable everyday housedress. Worn without an apron, this dress is ideal for mothers-to-be.

Over a 4-boned hoop, with waistband.

View with lining.

4-Boned hoop is not recommended because it is a snug fit. For under-hoop, I would recommend a small hoop of 80 – 90 inches in circumference or no hoop at all.

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