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Just a simple cotton day dress, using a modern day fabric with the old look, labor runs about $150.00 but can go as high as $700.00 depending on the pattern/style, hand work used in the construction and embellishments, be sure to add in your fabric and supply cost. Ball Gowns labor starts at $300.00 and go up to around $1500.00, depending on your choices of fabric and design, + adding in your fabric and supply cost. You MUST choose a style, pattern, and/or design along with specifications before I can give you estimated prices. Most all estimates are free but because of the cost that goes into supplies, a 35% non- refundable down payment is required before beginning and creating an ordered garment.

You are welcome to purchase your own fabrics and have them shipped to me or I can purchase them for you. If you would like to do your own purchasing of fabric and/or supplies I will then give you a fabric credit or credits for all supplies you have purchased for your gown. If you use a supply list given, I only charge for supplies that you do not purchase, labor and shipping remain the same.

You are welcome to use Pay-Pal who also takes credit cards, or you are welcome to send a check made out to Glenda Schroeder. If mailing a check, when your payment (check or money order) arrives, you will be notified via e-mail, for you to keep for your records. Please be sure to give a "Needed By" date.

Since the gown will only fit well if I have precise information to work from, please be 100% sure that you are giving me accurate measurements. Thank you. ... Order Form - http://www.1860garmentsbyglenda.com/orderform.html

Thank you for considering my qualifications, and I look forward in being of service to you in the future.

Glenda Schroeder

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Signal Mtn., TN 37377

E-mail: garmentsbyglenda@gmail.com

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Standard Supplies Needed Along with Where to Purchase.

9 yards of cotton fabric (For standard Dress/Gown)

Piping Cord (Included With Labor)

Interfacing (Included With Labor)

Thread (Matching for each color)

Buttons (Amount depends on Design/Style)

Embellishments (Lace and/or Trims)

Eyelet Lacing (if desired)

Fabric and Supplies

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