Researchers With Family Surnames and E-mail Address

Researchers With Family Surnames and E-mail Address

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Family Surnames


Stan Mayberry

Millwood, Pickett, and Vandergriff

I'm descended from all three descended from Hampton son Issac.....Vandergriff thru William who married Catherine Miller....and Pickett thru Edward T from Marion Co. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kurt Powers

Winchester and Boyd - Fernando Campbell Boyd and his wife Elizabeth Jane Winchester Boyd. F.C. is my G-G-Great-grandfather and the grandfather of F.C. Boyd, Sr. who founded the Boyd Christian school in Warren County, TN. I am looking for the burial place of Elizabeth Jane Winchester Boyd's parents Daniel Winchester and Rachel Daniels Winchester, Fernando Campbell Boyd and his wife is Elizabeth Jane Winchester Boyd are buried in the McGlothen Cemetery. Any information that you may have is appreciated.

Alice Coffman

I am researching several families originally from Sequatchie Valley area- Thomas Snider/Mary Grimes, James Michaels/Rebecca Duff,Cyrus lamb/Mollie Cargal.

Chris Lewis

If you know of anyone doing any Lewis research I am doing some research on the family of Charles and Julia Lewis.

June Lockhart Delph Curd

Family surnames Lockhart

Richard Maxwell

I would like any information on any Maxwell of the Sequatchie Valley.

Sherry Stone Gash

Surnames and Research regarding Pickett Co. Tennessee.
I am looking for any info on Adam James Stone born in Pickett Co. Tenn. have no birthdate or death only know he married Onie Meltons and had at least 1 child Willie Cyrus Stone born10/03/09.

Lynda Brooks


PYROR: KISIAH PRYOR CONDRA 1829-1900, MATTHEW PRYOR 1787-1869, MATTHEW PRYOR (Revolutionary War soldier) 1759-1834/36, GREEN PRYOR 1727-1771




GRIFFITH: WILLIAM ANDERSON 1851-1935, JAMES GRIFFITH 1811-1902, AMOS GRIFFITH 1783-1864 (Sequatchie settler), WILLIAM C. GRIFFITH (might be Revolutionary War soldier) 1758-1834, WILLIAM GRIFFITH 1686-1780 (born in Wales)

MCCLAIN: JANE MCLAIN GRIFFITH 1819-1897, DANIEL CHARLES MCCLAIN 1790-1857, ROBERT MCCLAIN 1746-1806, ANDREW MCCLAIN (born in Scotland) 1686-1716.


STANDIFER: MARY STANDIFER GRIFFITH (early Sequatchie settler) 1790-1860, WILLIAM STANDIFER (father of Jaems & Mary)WHITE: ROBERT BRADFORD WHITE 1884-1943, JOHN FRANKLIN WHITE 1842-1928

CARLTON: MARGARET CARLTON WHITE 1842-1898, JESSE CARLTON 1814, LEWIS W. CARLTON 1786-1860, LEWIS CARLTON (Revolutionary War soldier) 1758-1827, JOHN CARLETON 1725-1768, JOHN CARLTON (born in England) 1700

LOONEY: MARTHA MARY LOONEY CARLTON 1823-____, JOHN B. LOONEY 1797-1854, ROBERT LOONEY 1780-1830, BENJAMIN LOONEY 1748-1783, ROBERT LOONEY 1721-1756, ROBERT LOONEY ( Isle of Mann) 1692-1769


Thanks again, Lynda Brooks

Amanda Bourff

Researching the Kenner Family who were from the Sequatchie Valley.

Patricia Gausnell

CAIN and STONE Families ~ I am researching the CAIN family of Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee. Also they intermarried with the William STONE family.

James CAIN and his wife (possibly named Ruth) and children: Ruth (KERSEY), George W (md. Rebecca STONE)., Sarah L. (BRIGGS), James M.(md. Amanda STONE), John S., Charles D., Eliza (Gilliland), Lucinda (EVANS) and possibly Leward.

Lynita D. King

King Family

I have an extensive line going for the King Family of Sequatchie and Warren Counties and have many surnames associated.

Amy Grayson Adams

Researching these Families (William) Barker, (Franklin) Deakins, Easterly, (William Riley) Henson, (Elijah) Hudson, (Henry) Grayson, Hackworth, Holloway, and Brazeale.

Diane Cooley Heap

Researching Shadricks, Cooley and Hoge Families

V. J. Remelius

Bennett, Hatfield, Head Families

Ada Hatfield married John Kelly Bennett--daughters--Ada and Grace-not sure if any other siblings. My Grandmother Ada Bennett b. 9 May 1879, married my Grandfather James Arthur Head b. 5 July 1867. Can't find anything about Hatfield/Bennett marriage or Head/Bennett marriage. J.A. Head's mother was full blood Cherokee--maybe named "Evalina or Evilina ? Both James Head and Ada Bennett were born in Sequatchie Valley. James Head's father was "Tom Head"? Any info would be teriffic!

Alene Smith Knox

Pope Family

My grandfather married his first wife:

Milton 'Leon' Pope, Son of Jerome Alexander Pope and Susan Wimberly Pope married Maude Moore Johnson, Daughter of James Baxter Johnson and Mary Jane Farmer. Maude & Milton had 4 children: Gladys Pope, Alice Pope, Carlos Pope, Edna, the baby who died.

Any other info on this family is availabe from me - I would be happy to share. I am Milton's granddaughter through his second wife, Eliza Florence Chappell DeYoung Pope - she a widow with one child. My mother, Beulah Pope (Smith) and also Mildred Pope (Thumm) were also Milton's children.PLEASE! The subject line MUST Say “POPE FAMILY of Tennessee” or I will not receive them. Thank you!

James Lee Elliott

Elliott Family

Researching the Elliott family and also the McCarver-Boyd family. Any ideas or info would be appreciated.

Eleanor Rogers Edmondson


Researching the Rogers, Heard, Davis, and Hixson families of the Sequatchie Valley.

Geraldine Hackworth Carter

Hackworth-Condra Family Researching the surnames of Hackworth-Condra-Bible-Tate-Gipson and more. My father William Hershel Hackworth, his father William Victor Hackworth and his father William Henry Harrison
Hackworth and his father Austin A. Hackworth, was born in Cedar Springs, Sequatchie Co.. They are buried in the Condra Cemetery. Thanks

Chris Lewis

Lewis Family Researching Lewis (Robert, Charles L., James Henry, and Edgar Robert), Cagle, Henson (John, and Julia), Cooper, Green (Alexander, Thomas Payne, Sarah Henson), Annis, Brown (William, Barbara), Carnutt, Johnson (Isaac, Francis George, Francis George Stewart, Lula Bell), Hunter (Seth, Lucinda), York, Rogers (Elisha, Dauswell, Elvira Newell), Thurman, Bennett (John, Elizabeth), and Lasater Surnames in Sequatchie Co., TN.


My great grandfather, John Columbus Brown married Mary Varner Hoodenpyle, 22 Dec 1887.

I am researching Brown, Griffith and related surnames.

Bill Brown

Researching Bird M. Austin Born abt 1848 married on Aug 05, 1869 to Nancy Gray Born abt 1849.

Gary L. Eldridge

Bryant, Layne, Pickett, Hoodenpyle and Powell

Darrell H Roberts

The surnames I am Researching:

Roberts in VA,NC,TN, GA, AL, AK, IL, TX, OK., Riggs, Samuel in TN. , Foster, Danie in NC, TN, MS, TX., McRee, Mary (Roberts) in TN & KS.,Turner, John TN & KS., Fowler, Josephus TN, MA, MO & TX., Grigsby, Benjamin F. TN, MO, OR., Southerland, TN & TX., Seabourn, William B. TN & TX., Forester, Rebecca J TX., Higgins, Robert L. TN & TX., Runion, ( Runyan), James K. P. TN & AK., Renfroe, Thomas TN & GA., Hutchenson, James C. TN & TX., Prevette, Filex TN

Linda Cassidy Doyle.

Doing research on these families. Mother and Dad's sides: Dye,Blanton,Lemons,Reese,Farr,Goss,Shaw,Chadwick,Edwards,Dunning, Cassidy Oh, Ky, Tn, Cottle -Oh, Reed - Oh. .Hughes, Burchard, Lively, Reno, Dunn, Scroggins, McCravey, Morgan, Blake, Hiaght, Crowe.

Most wanted Grandmother: IDA HUGHES CASSIDY. Ky, Born 1876 in Ky, Believe to have died in Tennessee. Daughter of a Mary Hughes of Ky. 2 Brothers, Rude/Larue Hughes , and William H. Hughes.

My Husband: Mother and Father's Doyle, Dabbs, Morrison, McKaig, Sullenger, Sherrill. Shaw, Bostain, Morgan, Bryant, Crow, Gentry, Raper, True, Grey ,Ginn, Stewart, Fenwic, Hale, Hoggatt, Draper, Edwards, Murphy and Keef,
Lots of other names. I run down any lines to find my line. Dye family of N.C. and Tennessee, S.C.

Ann Carlton Oppenheimer

Researching these surnames:  Allen in NC & Alabama, Allison in NC & Alabama, Anderson in TN,  Atkins in VA & TN, Blevins& Bridges TN, Carlton & Crouch in VA, NC, & TN, Ezell in VA, Gonce in Delaware, TN & Alabama, Grigg in VA, Jones in NC & TN, McCrary in NC and Alabama, Nunnelley in Georgia and Alabama, Oppenheimer in Germany and Ohio, Powell (2 lines) in Alabama, GA & NC, Rogers in Alabama & Texas, Sanguinetti in Italy and California, Scott in Alabama, Truett/Truitt in Georgia, Whitehorn in VA, GA, Alabama and Texas,  Wiggins in VA, Wilson in TN and TX.

Jerri Thompson

Brewer Clan

The Dunlap Area of Sequatchie Valley has been the home of the Brewer Clan for many Generation. Lewis P. and Tabitha Shedrick Brewer were both natives of this aren in the early part of the 19th  century.  He is in the listed 1840 Marion County Census with two sons and 3 daughters. Lewis P Brewer died in 1841 leaving his wife the children to raise.  One of them was Lewis P Jr. who was only 10 years old at the time of his father death. His mother died soon after the Civil War where he fought. He enlisted in 1861 in the union army and fought for one year and was in the Battle of Sheldons Hill.  He returned to his farm in Grundy County, which he came into the possession of prior to the Civil War and remained there until about 1897 when he returned to Sequatchie County.

Researing the following families in Sequatchie County. Brewer, Russell, Newberry, Shadrick, Watson.


June Griffith

My great grandfather William Lovelace md. Lucinda Austin Aug. 14,1869. I am researching the following Surnames: Lovelace, Austin, Griffith.

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