Historical and Family Houses – Sequatchie, Tennessee

Historical and Family Houses – Sequatchie County, Tennessee

Pictures of these houses and links to their history posted below.

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Right: Anderson Pike Toll Gate – was moved from the top of the mountain at the “W” Road to the James Conner place. Daus and Alfred Conner, sons of James Conner, operated the TollGate. At the time, Anderson Pike was the only highway leading into Chattanooga from Sequatchie Valley and all traffic had to pass through the toll gate. Toll Gate Prices: Horse & Rider 10 Cents; Walking and leading a horse was 5 cents; a herd of horses, mules or cattle 3 cents each; 1 cent for each sheep, hog or turkey; 1 buggy with one horse, 25 cents; and a team drawn wagon or carriage was 50 cents. ~ Source: Pioneers of Walden's Ridge, by Elsie Conner Adams~

James C. Conner Cabin, was built in 1858, Located on Signal Mtn, 1 mile from the Sequatchie County line.

If you would like to see aditional information on the Conner Toll House, please visit this page here. Conner Toll House

James Conner Place – Built in 1858 (Toll House New Photo, Taken Aug. 9, 2011)
James Conner Place – Built in 1858 (Toll House New Photo, Taken Aug. 9, 2011)

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Historic Dunlap Coke Ovens
Dunlap Coke Ovens

Sequatchie County Davis House
Davis House

Sequatchie Hamilton County McEntire Cabin
McEntire Cabin

Sequatchie County, Tennessee, McEntire Cabin
Grant Homestead

Sequatchie County, Tennessee, TN, Window Rock
Window Rock

Hoodenpyle House
Hoodenpyle House

Sequatchie County, Tennessee, TN, Lewis Chapel
Lewis Chapel

Sequatchie County, Tennessee, TN, Stone Cave 1
Stone Cave # 1

Sequatchie County, Tennessee, TN, Stone Cave 2
Stone Cave # 2

Sequatchie County, Tennessee, TN, Stone Family Slave Cabin
Stone Slave's Cabin

Stone Cave SDA School
Stone Cave School

Sequatchie County, Tennessee, TN, 1865 Farm House
1865 Farmhouse

Sequatchie County, Tennessee, TN, Mabry house
Mabry House

William Barker Cabin, 1830's, Sequatchie County, Tennessee, TN,
Barker Cabin

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